Richard Harrington: ZERO SUM, an Exhibition at Greylock Arts, 93 Summer Street, Adams, Opening Oct. 28, 5.30-8.30

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Upcoming Exhibit › Richard Harrington: ZERO SUM

An exhibition of mathematically based sculptures.

Richard Harrington, Dodecahedron, 2011
Richard Harrington, Dodecahedron, 2011

Richard Harrington is a visual artist whose career has spanned several decades. He has exhibited sculpture and light installations in addition to environmental works both in the United States and Europe. Several years ago Harrington returned to the Berkshires after living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The sculptures in ZERO SUMrepresent a recent body of work, with nearly all the sculptures included in the exhibition built from screen tetrahedrons, or four sided pyramids.

The equation for a tetrahedron is V – E + F – C = 0. The sum of the Vertices, Edges, Faces, and Cells adds up to 0, and thus the title. ZERO SUM is an exploration of themes that have been Harrington’s mainstay — geometry, topology, perceptual psychology as well as illusion, light, moiré patterns and cast shadows are all used to create complex visual experiences.

While some see architectural references in his sculptures, others have described his process as “rigorous” and the objects as “mysterious”. “Tenacious” has also been used to describe the mindset necessary for Harrington to build the complex structures. As he states, “it’s all about the looking at and through some of the stellated, or star-like Platonic solids, tetrahedra, dodecahedra, icosahedra, or four, twelve, and twenty sided structures. I absolutely love learning how they work and sharing in a way that people will appreciate.”

Also an accomplished digital printmaker, Harrington’s geometric abstractions are in the permanent print collection of the Fogg Art Museum at Harvard University. His personal website is:

Harrington has worked in installation and environmental art idioms and his work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. Exhibitions include Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria, The Herning Denmark Kunstmuseum, The Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT, First Night Boston, The DeCordova Museum, and Greylock Arts, Adams, Massachusetts.

Curated by Marianne R. Petit & Matthew Belanger.

Richard Harrington - Sculpture Richard Harrington - Sculpture Richard Harrington - Sculpture
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Exhibit Dates & Times:

October 28 – December 10 2011

Admission is free and open to the public.
Open Saturdays 1 – 4 p.m. and by appointment.
Appointments can be made by phone or email.

Opening Reception:

Friday October 28th 2011, 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.


93 Summer Street, Adams, MA 01220

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