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The Drawing Site to Retire Soon. Look for Michael Miller Old Master Drawings.

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Launched in 1998, shortly after its sister site, Drawing Materials and Techniques, The Drawing Site, originally the Web presence of Michael Miller Lucy Vivante Fine Arts, Inc., also received’s “Best of the Net” Award for September 1999. The site has been altered little since then and looks its age. It will retire, perhaps to reemerge in some new form, but its original purpose as a center for knowledge on master drawings of all periods and as a source for collectors will pass on to Michael Miller Old Master Drawings [], which is still under construction.

As at The Drawing Site I shall offer research, publications, curatorial services, exhibitions, consultation for collectors and institutions, and buy and sell master drawings of all periods, as well as other works of art.

Please come by to pay your last respects. There is something new on offer there, a curious and very fine American calligraphic drawing, made in 1854, to honor the marriage or Lavinia and Wesley Hill.

2 thoughts on “The Drawing Site to Retire Soon. Look for Michael Miller Old Master Drawings.

  1. I found the “Drawing Materials…” and the “Drawing Site” twelve years ago, and was an opening world for me by that time. Not only shows how the process of drawing can take place, but techniques and materials in a very clear and brief way.
    By that time I was starting to study art, and that was very helpful to search around. In the section of books brought me to some good books that are my favorites, such Mr Kimon Nikolaides course…
    Still I have the prints of those pages handy… Thank you very much, Mr Miller for those wonderful sites.

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