The Berkshire Review for the Arts is ready for the 2013 season!

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Tanglewood: The Highwood Garden. Photo © 2009 Michael Miller.
Tanglewood: The Highwood Garden. Photo © 2009 Michael Miller.

If the Berkshire Review appears to have been rather quiet lately, that is because New York Arts, as of the beginning of 2013, has taken over the international coverage that formerly occupied The Berkshire Review, which has returned to its roots as a local arts journal devoted on the great summer festivals of the Berkshires. While some of these—Aston Magna and Tannery Pond—have begun to simmer already in June, they will spring into full life with the American national holiday on July 4th—and so will the Berkshire Review! You can look here for everything related to the summer festivals of Western New England in the larger sense, that is, from the Hudson River eastwards, from southern Vermont to northern Connecticut. For events closer to New York, like Caramoor, Bard Summerscape, and Glimmerglass, look to New York Arts, although Bard may well be cross-posted, because many people to travel there from the Berkshires.

We have rich offerings to look forward to this summer. The Berkshire Review will report on as much as we possibly can.

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