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Bella Merlin, co-author of When Action Is Eloquence, talks with Michael Miller about Shakespeare and Company

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Bella Merlin. ‘Worse Than Wolves’ performance, directed by Gwendolyn Schwinke. Photo by Ava G. Lindenmaier.

In her interview about the book she has co-authored with Tina Packer, When Action is Eloquence, the distinguished actor and teacher Bella Merlin reflects on how she came into contact with Shakespeare & Company and her three year progression through the completion of a manuscript based on her own deep knowledge of acting and her participation in the Company’s month-long intensive course. Readers will be astonished at the depth and breadth of Tina Packer’s search for creative contributions to the Actors’ Training Program. It has been the product of many years of development, informed by Packer’s insight that there had to be more to British theater than she was finding in her experience as a Royal Shakespeare Company actress. Readers of all backgrounds should find this book a fascinating read and actors will find revelations about the month-long course. Listeners to the podcast can now enjoy Bella’s lively enthusiasm for Shakespeare & Company, her charm and fruitful insight deriving from her years of training in Moscow and her deep knowledge of the Stanislavski method.

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