Lot 126. Humphrey, [Bogart], Maud (1865 – 1940) The Returning Hero Watercolor and pencil (230 x 190 mm). signed and dated ‘1898’. Cover design of Gallant Little Patriots, New York: Frederick A. Stokes Co., 1899. Condition: some glue residue from former matt on border, not affecting the watercolor. [With:] A Red Cross Nurse. Another illustration for the same book. Watercolor and pencil. (225 x 180 mm). signed and dated 1898.

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original watercolors by maud humphrey, one of the first american professional women children’s book illustrators. She also designed calendars, postcards, greeting cards and other prints and frequently contributed to magazines. She was most famous for “the Original Maud Humphrey Baby,” a study of her son Humphrey Bogart that advertised Mellin’s baby food. The actor later groused, “There was a period in American history when you couldn’t pick up a goddamed magazine without seeing my kisser in it.” The suite of twelve color lithographs that appeared in Gallant Little Patriots depicted sweet little children engaged in military situations inspired by the recent Spanish American War. The artist’s sister Mabel Humphrey provided the verse. Choppa & Humphrey, p. 39. (2)
$2500 – $3500

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