David Snider, Ron Komora, Deb Borthwick, Abbey Maher, Rob Forgett and Kyra Fitzgerald in Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" at Hubbard Hall Center for the Arts and Education in Cambridge, N.Y. John Sutton / Hubbard Hall.

A Singer’s Notes 121: A Miscellany

So many things. First, you must get in your car, and go see Hubbard Hall Theatre Company’s The Crucible by Arthur Miller. The performances of David Andrew Snider and Erin Ouellette, the central couple of the drama, must be seen. Theirs were fully realized, lived in performances. Silence became a subtle participant. Their final dialogue was riveting. There was generosity between these actors. Not just listening, but generous listening, selfless listening.

A Singer’s Notes 25: He That Hath Ears to Hear, Let Him Hear

In The Crucible, the Proctors sit at their plain table with John’s brief failing between them. He is a good man. He makes every situation better, more reasonable. He is a natural man. The land is his, and he is the land’s. Everything is in the quietness. She is the quietness. Christopher Innvar with a voice which lurches sadly, breaks the silence. Kim Stauffer, with a face barren and wide, makes cautious answer, and holds the distance between them in her hands.

Arthur Miller’s The Crucible directed by Julianne Boyd – a Triumph for the Barrington Stage Company

The Barrington Stage Company excels in several different areas — modern classics, musicals, and brainy little contemporary plays — and is plagued only by one persistent flaw, the policy of using excessive amplification even in the diminutive Stage 2 theatre. Fortunately, that was absent in this performance, and all I have to talk about is theatre.

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