"The Game": (Left to Right) Baseball Players- Gino Cardoni, Charlie Munday, Jonah Hale, Nathaniel Dolquist, Jayke Workman, Chris Hendricks.

A Singer’s Notes 142: Damn Yankees at the Mac-Haydn Theatre

A show both rollicking and precise began the season at the Mac-Haydn Theatre in Chatham, New York. Among several accomplished performances, Corrinne Tork as Lola connected the threads of the play into the real thing and raised her performance to an expression of kindness. Damn Yankees purports to be a play about baseball, but it is really a soul-searching adventure. Baseball is only a tangental part of the action, although the writer does allow a victory for all at the end. What really mattered and what really played as if it mattered, was the progress the major characters taught themselves.

A Scene from Fiorello! Photo Emma K. Rothenberg-Ware

A Singer’s Notes 124: Fiorello, South Pacific, and My Jane

This show was terrific, beautifully staged, a speed which benefitted the repetitive material, no nonsense, and some really wonderful performances. There were two outstanding young artists. Austin Lombardi led the show with blistering directness. He filled the silences with heat. He was relentless in his pursuits, and did all of this without exaggeration. His energy was almost tactile. Rebecca Brudner as his first wife Thea, used her beautiful voice intelligently.

The Cast of The Fantasticks at the Mac-Haydn Theatre

A Singer’s Notes 70: The Fantasticks at the Mac-Haydn Theatre

It was excellent to go to the venerable Mac-Haydn Theatre last night. One comes upon it like a secret location, hidden in the landscape. It is a company full of real people; pretension is not allowed. It has a round stage, and has seen a succession of musicals performed on it for forty-five years. I went there to see one of my favorite shows, Harvey Schmidt’s and Tom Jones’¬†The Fantasticks.

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