Where’s Charley? New York City Center. Photo Joan Marcus.

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Where's Charley? New York City Center. Photo Joan Marcus.

Where’s Charley?
New York City Center

Cast List:
Rebecca Luker, Howard McGillin, Rob McClure, Sebastian Arcelus, Jill Paice, Jeff Brooks, and Lauren Worsham.

with Dan Callaway, Meggie Cansler, Hannah Chin, Nick Cosgrove, Desiree Davar, Ashlee Dupre, Leah Edwards, Drew Frankin, Arlo Hill, Leah Horowitz, Jordan Hunt, Amy Justman, Max Kumangai, Analisa Leaming, Colby Lindeman, Angelina Mullins, Patricia Noonan, Weston Wells Olson, Lainie Sakakura, Tommy Scrivens, Kendall Sparks, Brendan Stimson and Amos Wolff.
Production Credits:
Directed by John Doyle Choreographed by Alex Sanchez.
Other Credits:
Written by: Frank Loesser
Music by: Frank Loesser
Book by: George Abbott

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